Vizsla Puppies

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We strive to breed Vizslas with Performance ability, brains and proper conformation.  We feel that a dog that can perform afield is the best overall representation of those traits. 

Our primary focus is to breed a Vizsla that carries all the attributes that made them a great dog.  We feel that a dog that can perform afield is the best overall representation of those traits.  It must be able to get along with bracemates, it must be intelligent enough and resilient enough to take training.  It must be built correctly to be able to work with speed and efficiency in varying terrains and covers.  All these facets make up not only a great dog, but a great dog to live with.

While we don't show our dogs personally in conformation, several of our dogs are certainly show quality, a number of them have been shown by clients in years past.  If you are looking strictly for a conformation show dog, we are not the right breeder for you.

We only breed one or two litters per year.  All pups are raised in the home.  We do bio-sensor training on all the pups.  We introduce them to birds, and temperament test each pup.  We do assessments on each dog and discuss with the owners what type of dog they are looking for to assist with determining which pup goes to which home.  We do the selection of what pup goes where.  This has demonstrated to be highly effective, never having had a dog returned for a placement that didn't "fit".

All pups are sold on contract and limited registration with an avenue to full registration within the contract.  We guarantee their health against genetic defect in writing to 2 years of age.

If you are interested in a dog that can not only circle a 40 foot ring on a leash for 30 seconds but ALSO hunt hard for you in tough conditions and be a good companion, please consider one of our dogs.  Preference is to hunting or field competition homes.

We anticipate a litter late spring/Summer of 2016.  If interested please contact us.