"Hank" Willowynd's Arctic E.T. Express

Direct Son of the famed Vizsla - Rebel Rouser E.T., ROM, HOF.  Hank is a powerful dog and very similar to his father in look and substance.

Hank - Vizsla on Point

Hank is a powerful dog in the field.  He typically runs a shooting dog range to All Age.  He is not a dog we typically handle on foot, although we do hunt him on foot in South Dakota as he can cover wide areas of Prairie and will hold for a very long time well off the birds allowing us to reach him.  He can and does handle wild birds. 

His Structure is of the older "type" Vizsla.  He has a strong resemblance to his Sire.  Hank is not slight in structure with narrow chests and dished almost female heads as many of the Vizslas we see today - he carries bone and muscle.  He is very fluid in movement which allows him to cover country effortlessly.  His Tail carriage is appropriate to a dual type Vizsla - it is not a 12 o'clock tail that adds to a choppy gait.  Typical carriage is between 9 and 10 o'clock.

One of the very greatest aspects to Hank's temperament is that he has an "off" switch.  In the home he is very laid back, content to lie and chew a bone or decide whether to sleep on the couch, the bed or your lap.  Take him afield and he performs.   

He is available at stud to approved bitches.  Frozen and Fresh Chilled Semen is available.  Non-contiguous U.S. and overseas breeding is per Frozen semen only.

Live cover is at our location in South Dakota.  Collection and Shipping costs of semen or breeding bitch are the responsibility of the Bitch's owner. AKC & FDSB Registered, DNA, OFA Good, Thyroid Normal, CERF.

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