Welcome to Willowynd Ranch Vizslas

Top Quality Vizsla Breeders

We breed high quality Vizslas for the sporting enthusiast that also wants a dog to love.  
Even though our dogs have competed successfully at the National Field Event Levels, hunt wild birds on the Prairie and love to work, they are also dogs that thrive on personal attention and to be part of the family.
As professional bird dog trainers, we have a unique perspective in that we have worked with hundreds of Vizslas from breeders all over the country.  This allows us a vantage point many other breeders do not have.  
We live and work with these dogs.  We get a very good understanding of temperament and natural abilities.  
Those Vizslas not retired work the hunting season under our guidance taking hunters afield for a very prominent hunting lodge in South Dakota on wild pheasant, Sharptail Grouse and Hungarian Partridge.  
If you have been looking for a great lifelong dog, with strong field ability from a reputable breeder, congratulations.  You're home.