This section will answer some questions, but as we all realize - no FAQ page answers them all!  If you have ANY questions, answered here or not, please contact us.  We're here to help!

    • Where will my dog live when it's with you?  Is it going to be locked up the whole time?
      • NO, NO, NO!  This is definitely not doggie jail - it's more like a vacation Dude ranch!  The dogs are handled, worked, exercised, played with and get to play with other dogs (depending on who they like) on a daily basis. The dogs have covered 6x10 dog runs with fresh water and housing for during the day IF they aren't out with us training and weather is good.  All dogs sleep indoors in their own crate every night.  We also try to work dogs in the house throughout the evenings, so they get some "couch time" as well.  Obviously not every dog can come in every night, but we strive to make sure each dog is comfortable and happy.  This extra effort pays dividends because we bond quickly with the dogs and they to us.  That helps training.  It is also another reason we limit the number of dogs we take. 
    • I talked to another pro and they were cheaper than you?  Why are you more expensive? 
      • We understand that we are slightly higher in apparent cost than some of our competition.  There are a few reasons for that.
        • We only take the number of dogs we can actually train.  Having been in this field for most of my adult life, I've seen it's all too common for people to send their dog off and it come home not trained very well.  That's because unfortunately there are trainers that take the money and the dog mostly sits in a kennel.  They charge little more than board rate so the dog gets worked maybe once a week or so. 
        • If they have 40+ dogs to train, they can't get to them all.  It's just not possible unless they're running a herd at a time.  No matter how good they are, there is no way they can be watching each dog and get a properly timed cue to the dog when running a bunch of dogs at once. The reality generally is, they find the best/easiest dogs to train and spend most of the time with them and "wash out" a bunch that might be great but need special attention.  Joe Public sees the spotlight dogs, and never hear of the dogs they didn't spend the time with.
        • They take longer to train.  It's a math equation - they have X number of dogs and can work so many per day.  That means each dog gets worked only so often.  The timeframe then extends.  So you may be getting a cheaper rate per month, but pay for more months, with no limit.  
        • We include bird costs in our pricing.  Believe me, this can become a huge "Add on" to the training bill.  We use a lot of birds and your dog will never be lacking in bird contacts.  That cost is built into the rate, so you don't have to worry that your bird bill will surpass your base training bill.
        • Finally, We have been working bird dogs for over 30 years.  Hunting, competing and judging.  We've trained just about every breed of sporting dog that exists.  That experience has value.  That value is in the rate.
    • You used to take dogs in for training year round, do you still, or only during the Summer?
        • Not currently.  We focus our training from May-September in South Dakota.  Due to governmental restrictions in California have had to cease board/train operations in California.  We still offer seminars, private, semi-private and group training days, we just can't board your dog any longer in California.  
    • Do you still train at the ranch in Davis?
        •  Yes, for Seminars, Private, semi-private and group training days.  We can no longer board/train dogs in Davis.