Breeding Program

We are very selective in our breeding program. We will only breed a dog that we feel will contribute to the overall health and improvement of the Vizsla as a breed.

What makes a quality pup? We feel the First two equally primary concerns for any breeding should be sound health and stable temperaments. We health check all our dogs prior to breeding and will not breed a dog, or to a dog, that we do not feel will produce healthy, intelligent, stable offspring. Health aspects include good conformation characteristics. This means we also strive to breed to standards typical to the breed.

We also believe that a Sporting Breed dog should have the mental capacity and the natural instinct to Hunt. We select mates based on all these considerations and occasionally have pups available for sale. We are not a high volume breeder and our pups are in high demand. We guarantee every pup we produce in writing.

Preference goes to homes that will provide hunting experience for the dog, be it hunting, hunt test or field trialing.

We typically keep one or two pups from every breeding to see personally how they develop.  On occasion, we have a started dog from our breeding program for sale.  These dogs are not "throw away" dogs - they are simply a dog that we don't feel will add anything to our breeding program that we don't already have.  They are well bred, well adjusted and well started dogs and are highly sought after.  If you would like the opportunity to own one of these dogs, please contact us for more information.  There is typically a wait of up to a year for one of our Started Dogs.


Do you have puppies for sale?

We have two pending litters for 2015.  We didn't plan them this close together, but one girl brought the other in season, so we're getting it all done at the same time, both litters due to whelp by the end of April.  They are both repeat breedings.  One is of Scarlet x Leuc.  Their prior litter blog is 

The other is a repeat of Nellie x Scar.  Nellie is Scarlet's (above litter) Mother.  This breeding produced two dogs that we kept and will be competing with and breeding in the future - as well as the #1 ranked Puppy/Derby dog.  The prior litter blog for this litter is at

For more information or application for either of these litters, please contact us.

How much are the puppies?

Pups from the prospective litter are $1,600, plus any requisite shipping costs.  Campaign or competition dogs from this litter are eligible for future discounts up to 50% of the purchase price. 

How do I buy a puppy from this litter?

First - you need to contact us! We are interested in hearing from you. We will be screening prospective family members (not customers) to find out what you are looking for and if this breeding is what might fit your search, or if we can refer to another breeder/litter that may be more appropriate. Our two main goals with any puppy placement are to get you the puppy you want, and make sure the pup you get is right for you.


If after discussion we feel that one of this litter will fit with your lifestyle and goals, we will accept a $250 deposit.  We will refund this deposit in the event there are fewer puppies than deposits, unless you wish to hold over to the next litter. 

Guarantees: We guarantee our pups to be free from hip dysplasia until testing age of 2 years and to be of sound temperament. All our dogs are tested and certified clear of dysplasia by OFA and are registered with AKC.  Pups will be placed on a limited AKC registration.  Upon OFA testing and any title of Master Hunter, FC, AFC we will release the dog to full registration. We have not had a pup diagnosed with hip dysplasia, but with any breeding there is always a statistical possibility, however small.  If in the remote possibility a pup is diagnosed with hip dysplasia we will replace the pup at no charge.  We know the attachment to our dogs, so if this ever happens, keeping the first pup is at the owner's discretion.

Re-homing: Though never anticipated, life can throw curveballs we don't expect. Should you purchase a pup from us and at any point in the dogs life not be able to continue to care for the dog, we will take the dog back - any time, any age for any reason.

Breeder Support: We are not a sell and forget breeder!!! It is important to us to stay in contact with you. When you purchase a pup from us, you become part of our extended family. We want to hear about the good, the bad and the ugly. If you're struggling with a training situation, we can guide you in the right direction. If there is a trait showing up in our line, we definitely want to know. We love the dogs and our friends. The more information we know about our pups development, the better the breeder. It is a never ending journey. Be a part of it with us