Join us for an open training morning, June 13th, 2015! May 31 2015

We are hosting an open training morning Saturday, June 13th, 2015 at the ranch in Davis.  

We'd love to have you join us, we'll start about 7:30 a.m. and run until we're done - probably around noon, but depends on how many show up. 

It will be a group training type setup, so plan on being social!

You can sign up here

Puppy Client Feedback January 21 2014

We recently received a message and pictures from one of our Puppy Owners.  We just had to share.

Hi Ken & Janet:

Just wanted to send a couple of photos from a Hastings Island hunt yesterday. Of the six birds Brandi was lead point on two, backing on the others, and retrieved two as well. I did not get any photos of her on point, with only two guns, and the propensity of pheasants not staying around long after being located, my focus was on a clean kill for her hard work. Will attempt to capture her on point before the season is over. Her points to date are very stylish, high head, stretched out, and a high tail. Very classy! She is a very aggressive (pursuit) on chasing shot birds, and made several very nice retrieves on our Kansas hunt. On the other side she has not been strong on the bird finding side until yesterday when she put the entire package together. She is still a pup and definitely has all of the tools to be a great hunting partner for years to come.

Brandi is a big runner on our daily outings at Dinosaur Point, and could definitely be hunted off of horse back.

When we switch to the hunting fields she hunts at a good range with no direction from me. I think she watches and mimics Missy, although she doesn't follow Missy, preferring to hunt her own area of the field, making for very good coverage of the areas hunted. If her litter mates are like her, then they require little if any input while in the field. Many hunts I never have to hit her whistle, and only had to use the e-collar, at a low level, once in KS. Her nose appears to be excellent with one of her points yesterday being on a bird that was at least 25' upwind from her. She held her point as I walked past her, and never moved until the bird flushed. We love her to say the least, and are glad that she is a member of our family.

Hope that all is well with both of you.

Take care,

Don & June

New Services and Products for 2014 December 23 2013

Beginning in the New Year, We are excited to announce additional and enhanced Services for 2014!  We will continue to offer all our existing services, Month to Month training, Private Sessions, Wild Bird Summer Camp in South Dakota, etc.  However, Customer feedback has indicated that there are often common desires for training services.  Additionally, we have heard and understand that in many cases an open ended month to month training bill is difficult to budget and hard to schedule.  Some people have expressed an interest in a Hunt and intensive personal training trip and we've tried to answer that desire as well.

With those comments in mind we have added a number of Training Packages.  Similar to an educational curriculum, you can now choose which class and what aspects of training that fit your needs in a Flat rate budget friendly format!  From Puppygarten to Advanced training levels, there are packages that should fill most needs.  As always, we will still offer Month to Month training.

We also have added two very special Opportunities for the Discriminating Owner.  In October, we are offering three day, four night Hunt/Train packages with Ken as your personal guide and trainer. Each Session is limited to two people in South Dakota.  Only two packages are available.  Lodging and Meals are included.

Another Service that was requested was to have more offerings in the Private Sessions.  With our growing Nationwide clientele, electronic and telephone consults have become a popular Service.  By selecting a consult, we then schedule a time to teleconference and discuss avenues for the Do It Yourself Trainer to progress in your training.

As if that wasn't all, We have added a Merchandise Section where we carry quality Training and related equipment like Garmin, Dogtra and more.  The products we will carry are one's we personally recommend - many of which we use in our day to day training operation.

We hope to continue to improve our services and offerings, so thanks everyone for the feedback and if you have any suggestions of a Service or Product we should add - let us know!

We wish everyone a Joyous and Wonderful New Year, and look forward to seeing you in the field!

Janet & Ken